Discover Your Unique Design

You were created by God on purpose! Ephesians 2:10

The world needs you!

Fulfill your purpose and make a positive impact on the world!

You want to do more

. . . to do something meaningful, to make a lasting difference in the world, to make the most of your life. To help others by being who you are, with your unique wiring, but you’re not sure what that would look like or how to get there.

Discovering your unique strengths profile and purpose will give you hope, direction and confidence as you make personal decisions, and journey through life’s changes.

Your Purpose

What did God have in mind for you when He designed and created you?  

If you want your life to have meaning beyond your day to day activities, let’s talk!

Let’s discover how you can productively live God’s dream for you, make a positive difference in the well-being of others, and find joy in your own life.

Unleash your uniqueness and shine for Jesus!

I’ll help you develop your unique profile and create your personal brand of value in the world and in the kingdom of God.  

Then, with my help, you’ll strategize your next steps in fulfilling your life purpose!

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Questions are welcome!

Looking forward to seeing you move into your future with clarity, confidence & joy!

“Cynthia is an amazing listener and talented life coach. She always helped me frame my perspective around what God is doing in my circumstances, and that shift in perspective continually helps me grow.”