your children!

Children are a gift from the Lord!
Psalm 127:3

your children

Children are a gift from the Lord!
Psalm 127:3

Parenting with Joy!

Hey parent, do you know you are a leader and a life coach!

Your positive influence on your children now will have lifelong benefits. And your children in turn will have a profound impact on others, more than you can imagine.

Know yourself,
know your children.

As you help each of your children begin to understand their unique identity, and their huge value to God, to you, to their family and community, they’ll be fortified to face the challenges they will certainly encounter in life’s journey.

Building their confidence in their God-given design will foster in them a sense of security and significance, They’ll know who they are, and whose they are, and they’ll be equipped to make a positive contribution to their world.

When you create a positive, joyful environment in your home, you’ll give your children a head start toward successful adulthood.

Enjoy and engage your children!

Equip them for life!

Parenting with Joy

Coaching Program

Discover and celebrate each of your children’s God-given unique personality! You can grow with them, learn with them, and apply your growing knowledge and experience to supporting them. As you become more aware of your own relating style, and theirs, you’ll be able to adapt your way of communicating your love and acceptance.

Different Children, Different Needs!

In his book, Different Children, Different Needs, Dr. Charles F. Boyd puts a life changing spin on the interpretation of Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

He says that the Hebrew for “way” is derek, which literally means “bent” and refers to a unique inner design or direction.

So, what is your child’s natural bent? How has God wired them uniquely? What combination of personal strengths, interests, and skills do they possess? How do they think? How do they express themselves? What gives them joy and satisfaction? How will their lives reflect God’s glory?

You are invited…

Come and learn more about your children, improve your ability to engage them, build deeper relationships in your family, and create more joy in your home!