Treasures in Heaven: A Mentor’s Handbook

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Life can be overwhelming and lonely, especially in the turbulent times we are living in. How valuable, and how rare, it is to have someone come alongside to truly listen, to pray, to encourage, to personally guide.  We are increasingly seeing a widespread heart hunger for mentors.



The purpose of Treasures in Heaven: A Mentor’s Handbook is designed to give you clarity, confidence and content for meaningful discussions in a mentoring relationship. It will motivate you, encourage you, support you, and provide you with biblical concepts you can share with a mentee. Use it as a reference to support your mentee, when they’re working through the interactive guidebook, Alive to Shine.

Part 1: Legacy Mentoring

Part 1 introduces ‘legacy mentoring’—an intentional relationship with eternal results. It includes ideas of how to invest in the next generation by coming alongside an individual to encourage and support.

Part 2: Discipleship

Part 2 introduces ‘big picture living,’ an overview of biblical discipleship and evangelism. Kaleidoscope of the Christian Life™ illustrates 3 R’s about Jesus, which are life changing, and 3 R’s of your own life, which will bring you personal joy and blessing to others. Your mentee will benefit from discussing these concepts with you, as they work through their interactive guidebook, Alive to Shine.

Part 3: Life Skills

Part 3 clarifies, simplifies and brings meaning to common tasks and life experiences in which your mentee might need some support. Whether your mentee is facing an obstacle or an opportunity, they might feel like they don’t know where to begin, or they might feel ‘stuck’ and unsure of how to proceed. Together you can look at some basic principles that could help them to move forward.

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