Alive to Shine: Your Unique Story

126 pages, fillable e-book

Alive to Shine: Your Unique Story is a fillable workbook that will help you know more about Jesus, more about your unique design, and more about your next steps in living with purpose and joy.



To use the special fillable feature of this interactive pdf, download it, save it, then open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  As you work through this personal guidebook, it would be great to discuss it with a mentor or coach!

In this world of rapid change and many voices competing for our attention, Alive to Shine: Your Unique Story provides an anchor and a compass to give you confidence, clarity and stability. Originally created for graduates of addiction recovery programs, this guidebook is designed for anyone who wants to build a strong, stable, fulfilling lifestyle, pleasing to the Lord, and a blessing to others. With Alive to Shine, you’ll expand your perspective, explore your priorities, and excel with purpose.

Pillar One: Discipleship – Expand Your Perspective

Pillar One of Alive to Shine answers questions like, Why am I alive? Does God care about the world?  Does He care about me?  Who is Jesus really, and how do we know?  Why Believe the Bible in the 21st century?  Why did Jesus die if He is God?  What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus, and what difference will it make in my life?  How can I live a meaningful, purposeful life in these days of chaos and uncertainty?

Pillar Two: Discovery – Explore Your Priorities

In Pillar Two we’ll explore your unique personal design, your interests, and possibilities for your future.  You are God’s masterpiece! You have a unique combination of life experience, personality, strengths, values and dreams.  Your story matters!  How you live matters!  With Alive to Shine, you’ll be able to create your personal mission statement, and your ‘life focus arrow.’  These will continue to motivate and encourage you, as you move forward into a fruitful and fulfilling life.

Pillar Three: Development – Excel with Purpose

Pillar Three of Alive to Shine will give you tools to develop your strategic action plan to fulfill your life purpose. You’ll take all that you’ve reflected on and recorded in Pillars 1 and 2, and put it all together so you can move forward into your next steps towards a successful life of meaningful service, for which you are uniquely designed.

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