Leading Strong

Building on solid rock. Matthew 7:24-25

Lead with your uniqueness!

The world needs you! Trust in the Lord, and follow the greatest Leader of all time! Build your talents into strengths, fulfill your purpose and make your impact.

You want to do more

. . . to be more impactful, to make a lasting difference, to leave a legacy, to make the most of your life and leadership. To help others by being who you are, with your unique wiring, but you’re not sure how to expand and build.

Improve communication, relationships, and performance, with sustainable results in your business or ministry.

It all starts with our Strengths for Leaders program

You’ll develop your own unique strengths profile and leadership brand. You’ll learn how to build your life and leadership on a strong biblical foundation, and align your leadership style with the needs of the people you serve.

Creating a people focused, strengths based environment in your workplace improves engagement, performance and productivity!

Content of the 8 week coaching program includes StrengthsFinder, DISC, Kaleidoscope of the Christian Life™ and more.

Looking forward to seeing you move forward with clarity, confidence and joy!

There’s even more!

Identifying your unique profile and purpose gives you clarity, direction and focus as you make personal decisions, journey through life transitions and create new ventures.

“Cynthia is an amazing listener and talented life coach. She always helped me frame my perspective around what God is doing in my circumstances, and that shift in perspective continually helps me grow.”