Coaching for Leaders

in the field of addiction recovery.

You're a leader bringing hope and freedom to men and women in addiction!

My Coaching Specialties

Supporting and developing leaders who work in the field of recovery.

My role as your coach is to be a safe haven for you to be heard, affirmed, encouraged and strengthened. To help you build a strong, consistent lifestyle and leadership model. To help you strategize your next steps, so you can lead with confidence. I’m also very passionate about helping you to prevent burnout!

“Expand your perspective, explore your priorities, and excel with purpose.”

Sample Coaching Topics

Personal Challenges: You’re facing a new level of responsibility, and the challenges that come with it. You have a sense of being ‘alone at the top’ and you need a safe, confidential sounding board with whom you can share your concerns, and strategize your next steps.

Spiritual Strength: You want to build your life, leadership and legacy on a strong biblical foundation, in the context of who Jesus is, and His purpose for your life.

Personal Renewal and Mental Health: You know that maintaining your own well-being enables you to maximize your contribution to your family and your ministry, but you need some help in making this a reality.

Professional Development: You’re highly motivated to further explore the qualities, skills and responsibilities of successful leadership, so you can create a motivating, engaging company culture.

Strengths and Personality Profiling: You want to maximize your gifts, and those of your team members, for the benefit of your organization’s mission. You want to discern your own sweet spot in life, so you can move forward with clarity, confidence and joy.

Life Transition: You’re at the threshold of a new stage in your life, wondering what’s next—what does God have in mind for you; what would be most fulfilling and meaningful?

Sample Coaching Results

As you seek the Lord’s guidance and wisdom, and follow through on your relevant action steps, you’ll see amazing results!

You’ll be encouraged to press on with confidence.

You’ll clarify your vision for your life and ministry.

You’ll discover your unique strengths profile.

You’ll create your strategic plan for your next steps.

You’ll improve communication with your team.

You’ll deepen your relationships.

You’ll see greater engagement and productivity.

You’ll expand your mind to perceive new horizons.

You’ll unleash your uniqueness and shine for Jesus.

You’ll make your best contribution in your sphere of influence.

“Cynthia is an amazing listener and talented coach. She always helped me frame my perspective around what God is doing in my circumstances, and that shift in perspective continually helps me grow.”