I’m so glad you stopped by to check me out!  Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.  


I’m so glad you stopped by to check me out!  Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.  

My Unique ‘Wiring’

God has designed me as a creative, strategic ‘maximizer’ to encourage and strengthen the next generation.

I love new beginnings. I love to bring clarity where there’s confusion. I love to learn, create and share resources.

My life perspective: big picture, eternally rewarding, abundant living, with a practical, daily outworking of your gifts and calling.

My 'Why'

It’s my passion to help you build your life and legacy on a strong foundation that will bring you personal fulfillment, positive impact on others, and joy to the heart of God. 

My Coaching Specialties

If you have a desire to make a difference, I am extremely motivated to come alongside you in this season of your life. To see you light up and shine, creating what you’re called to create, doing what only you can do, in your unique way.

Life Purpose: Discovering your unique strengths profile and purpose will give you hope, direction and confidence as you make personal decisions, and journey through life’s changes.

Life Transition: You might be at a new stage in your life, wondering what’s next—what does God have in mind for you; what would be most fulfilling and meaningful.

Career Exploration: Maybe you’re considering a new occupation or ministry that would best match your unique profile.

My role is to provide a safe place for you to be heard, valued, and encouraged. My coaching will be customized specifically for you, to help you clarify your vision and strategize your next steps, so you can fulfill your purpose and impact your world for good!

Coaching Results

As you follow through on your action steps, you’ll see amazing results!

  • You’ll discover your unique strengths profile.
  • You’ll clarify your life purpose.
  • You’ll achieve your personal goals.
  • You’ll expand your mind to perceive new horizons.
  • You’ll unleash your uniqueness and shine for Jesus.
  • You’ll impact your world and make a difference.

Life Connexion

Men’s Groups:  Too many men have suffered the loss of careers, finances, health, friends, family, and even their lives, as a result of alcohol and drug addiction. For 20 years I’ve supported young men in addiction recovery through pastoral counselling and life coaching. Now I’m inviting grads of recovery programs to come together in Life Connexion groups to encourage one another, and help each other to continue walking in the light of Jesus, consistently and joyfully.

Women’s Groups:  Over the years, I’ve seen creative leaders and entrepreneurs struggle on their own without enough personal support, while they’re spending huge amounts of time and resources to provide for others. And I’ve experienced the value of a confidential environment, where one is free to share personal challenges, as well as strategic plans. Let’s come together, so we can help each other to stay focused on the Lord, and be effective change-makers in our world. 

My Spiritual Journey​

Light has been a consistent theme in my life for 50 years. When I first came into a relationship with our Messiah Jesus, I was attracted to Him because of His words, “I am the Light of the world; whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness but will have the Light of life” (John 8:12). I reached out to Him and found Him to be true.

In travelling through the Bible many times over many years, I see our Messiah revealed in both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. I’ve found the Bible to be reliable, relevant and life changing; a source of wisdom, strength and direction for daily living.

In my relationship with the Lord, I’ve personally experienced His amazing grace, mercy, and love. And I look forward to His return, maybe soon!

My Experience

For more than three decades, it’s been a joy to walk alongside individuals as their mentor, teacher, counsellor, coach and friend.

In addition to my certifications as a Biblical Life Coach, Strengths Champion Coach, and DISC Human Behaviour Consultant, I bring to you my experience as a ministry leader, entrepreneur, and counsellor (pastoral, career, and substance abuse).  

“For the many years that I served in full time ministry, Cynthia was my mentor and life coach. Her support, care and prayers were invaluable to me, and allowed me to continue in my work despite the numerous challenges inherent in the Social Services field.”