Do you know how special you are?


Do you know how unique you are as a leader? Is someone walking alongside you to build you up, as you build others? Are you confident you are making a difference in light of eternity?


As your life coach, I’ll be a safe place for you to be you. I’ll listen carefully to what’s on your heart, and I’ll encourage you and challenge you to aim high as you ‘move onward and upward’ into your God-given call with renewed clarity and confidence.


Let’s discover your unique personality and strengths, so you can maximize your life, your leadership, and your legacy. As you learn more about yourself, you’ll also have a new understanding of the people in your life, whether it’s your spouse, your children, your friends, your mentees, or your work team.


I invite you to contact me, and let’s see if we can create a coaching partnership in this season of your life.


Cynthia Sugar, CBLC
Life Coach to Leaders


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